Cranberry Area School District,
3 Education Drive Seneca,
PA 16346
Phone: 814-676-5628
Fax: 814-677-5728

Administrative Team

Bill Vonada Superintendent 814-676-5628
Richard Smith High School Principal 814-676-8504
Shawn Deemer Assistant High School Principal 814-676-8504
Robert Horner Elementary Principal/Director of Federal Programs 814-676-1871
Beth Conkle Assistant Elementary Principal 814-676-1871
Jodie Chittester Director of Special Services 814-676-8787
Henry Karg  Business Manager/Board Secretary 814-676-5628
Karen Rupert Assistant Business Manager/
Board Treasurer
814-676-5628  x1512


Business Office Support Staff

Christine Merryman Benefit Coordinator 814-676-5628  x1512
Amy Klein Payroll Technician 814-676-5628  x1511
Linda Sandrock PIMS Administrator/Secretary to the Superintendent 814-676-5628  x1509
Chelsey Ritchey Business Office/Transportation Secretary 814-676-5628  x1508