Superintendent Objective Performance Standards


The board of school directors shall post the mutually agreed to objective performance standards contained in the contract on the school district’s publicly accessible internet website. Upon completion of the annual performance assessment, the board of school directors shall post the date of the assessment and whether or not the district superintendent has met the agreed-to objective performance standards on the school district’s publicly accessible internet website.

The overall evaluation result will be one of the following: Distinguished, Proficient, Needs Improvement or Failing and will be posted in the fall of each year during the term of employment of the Superintendent.


The following are the objective performance standards as agreed to by Mr. Bill Vonada and the Cranberry Area School District Board of Directors:


Cranberry Area School District
2022 – 2023
Superintendent’s Objective Performance Standards


  1. Create and publish a communication tool for taxpayers of the district. The publication will include: Revenues, taxes, expenses, capital projects and improvements, debt, academic highlights, and administrative biographies.
  2. Together with the board, develop a short and long range plan to address both immediate and future needs with the overall physical plant/facilities of the district.
  3. Implement a Social, Emotional, Learning (SEL) program across all grade levels with the goal to improve Self Awareness, Self- Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision Making in our students.


Superintendent Evaluation

The Cranberry Area School Board conducted its annual evaluation of Superintendent Mr. Bill Vonada on June 26, 2023 in Executive Session.  Mr. Vonada was rated distinguished in all categories and met the agreed to objective performance standards.