The Cranberry Area Education Association (CEA) has notified the District that they are rescinding the strike notice issued for May 23, 2018.  The purpose of this correspondence is to inform you that school will be in session on May 23.  All students should report to school at their normally scheduled time.

If there are any changes to the regular school calendar for the remainder of this school year, we will promptly notify you via the school’s electronic calling system.





Dear Cranberry Area School District Community,

Since early 2017, the Cranberry Area School District (“District”) bargaining team has engaged diligently in the negotiation process with the Cranberry Area Education Association (“Association”).  During this time, we have met with the Association nearly two dozen times, spending hours each time working with the goal of reaching a fair, equitable, and reasonable contract.  Recently, the District and the Association mutually agreed to continue our negotiations and meet for our next session on May 30, 2018.  At this meeting we intend to continue to work with the Association towards settling this contract.


Given this prior agreement, the District was shocked and disappointed to learn that the Association issued a strike notice on May 11, 2018.  In its notice, the Association stated that unless a contract agreement is reached before May 23, 2018, it would go on strike.  It is our sincere hope that the Association chooses not to strike, and to honor its prior commitment to meet with us on the 30th.


As members of the Board of Directors, we have the responsibility to serve and support three entities: our students, the administrative staff and faculty, and the members of our communities within this school district.  We have offered a contract that is not concessionary and is within the budget set by our board.  The offer includes both funding to support salary increases and health care benefits with increased cost-sharing.


Given the Association’s strike notice, the District believes it is important to provide the community with factual information about both the teachers’ current wages and benefits under the old contract, as well as wages and benefits proposed by the District for the new contract:


Current Economic Facts:

Starting salary:             Bachelor’s degree:      $44,710.00                (Top step salary $66,673)
Master’s degree:          $47,966.00                (Top step salary $70,179)

Average teacher salary:          $60,776.00

Work days per year:                 184 days

Average annual District cost per employee for health insurance:  $15,250.00


Proposed Wages and Benefits

The following information represents details of wages and benefits contained in the District’s most recent proposal:

A Four Year Collective Bargaining Agreement

Salary increases of 2% to 2.5% for each of the four years of the agreement.

(This equates to an average annual increase of $192,875.75 to the annual budget.)

Monthly Health Care Contributions:

Year 1                 $55.00 individual                       $70.00 family (Current Contribution Rate)

Year 2                 $55.00 individual                       $70.00 family (Current Contribution Rate)

Year 3                 $60.00 individual                       $75.00 family

Year 4                 $70.00 individual                       $85.00 family

Yearly Deductibles for Medical Coverage:

Year 1                 $300.00 individual                    $600.000 family (Current Deductible Rate)

Year 2                 $400.00 individual                    $800.00 family

Year 3                 $400.00 individual                    $800.00 family

Year 4                 $500.00 individual                    $1,000.00 family

Six of the nine current board members have a direct link to the teaching profession, either through a spouse or parent who currently is or was a teacher.  Simply put, we support and respect the teaching profession.  As has always been the case since the beginning of this process, the board remains willing and ready to work to reach a reasonable agreement.  We have made significant movement on wage increases and have asked for reasonable increases in healthcare contributions, deductibles, and co-pays toward the affordable health care plan currently offered by the district.  Again, the board remains ready and willing to negotiate a fair, equitable, and reasonable contract and look forward to meeting with the CEA on May 30 in hopes of accomplishing that goal.

Welcome to Cranberry Area School District

Welcome to the Cranberry Area School District where we have a rich tradition of academic and athletic excellence.  We are a rural public school district serving 1133 students in grades K-12, located approximately 90 miles North of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  Cranberry Elementary, Cranberry Jr. Sr. High, and our District Offices are located on a beautiful rural campus in Seneca, Pennsylvania.  Our district is seated in Venango County and includes the townships of Pinegrove, Rockland, and Cranberry which encompass nearly 155 square miles.

We are a close knit community where we all work together to engage, educate, and inspire our students to pursue their greatest potential.  Partnering with our students, parents, businesses and community members, we are proud of and celebrate our accomplishments and look forward to what we can achieve together in the future.  Our team is comprised of caring, compassionate, and committed individuals working to reach new heights of academic achievement and success for all students.

Thank you for visiting our web site and please feel free to contact me with questions, for assistance, or to learn more about our school district.

Bill Vonada