Elementary Transportation Notes

Transportation Notes

Transportation Notes 2020-2021



● Students should be at the bus stop 10 minutes before the pickup time. Please be patient in the
early days as drivers are getting comfortable with routes and stops.


● Students in Kindergarten through 5th grade must have an adult present at the bus stop in the
afternoon unless a note giving written permission to drop off without an adult is on file in the


● Students have only their assigned stop through the transportation department. Notes to other
stops are not permitted.




● Students must exit the vehicle independently while parents remain in the car.


● Please exit the vehicle at the green curb.


● Please pull up as far as possible to line the curb with cars. Do not stop in front of the door
if there is room to pull forward.




● Please send a note with your student indicating you will be picking him/her up. Notes may be
written for the day, the whole week, or even the whole year. Please do not assume we know your
intention based on the survey response. Your child’s teacher did not see the survey results and
needs to know the end of day plan for your child.


● All parents must park and exit the vehicle to meet your child. Parking is accessible in the
lower lot of the high school.


● Due to covid procedures, parents will not enter the building. Please anticipate weather
concerns as your child will meet you on the sidewalk where you are waiting. Please model
appropriate mask wearing and distancing as you wait.


● Due to covid procedures, parents will not sign the clipboard using a common pen. However,
parents MUST approach the staff and identify themselves and the child they are to pick up. Staff
will note the appropriate person is present. NO student will be released until proper identification has been made.


● Due to an increased number of students utilizing parent pickup, we will dismiss in 3 shifts.
Parent pickup staff will begin greeting parents at 3:15.


  •  The first parent pickup bell will be 3:18PM for families with the last name beginning with
    letters A- I.
  •  The second parent pickup bell will be at 3:21 PM for families with the last name beginning
    with letters J-R.
  •  The third parent pickup bell will be at 3:24 PM for families with the last name beginning with
    letters S-Z.
  •  Parents are encouraged to wait in the car until their bell if the area is crowded and congested.