School-Wide Positive Behavior Support Program

Cranberry Area Junior-Senior High School

Students in Grades 7-10 are participating in a Positive Behavior Support Program to improve our overall school environment. Students are being taught how to behave in an appropriate manner in various situations and places. There are three behavior principles that the program is anchored: BE READY, BE RESPECTFUL, and BE RESPONSIBLE. To promote these behavior principles nine areas of the school have been targeted and appropriate behavior expectations have been developed for each area. These expectations are posted in every classroom, school bus, and instructional area in the school. Teachers deliver lessons to all students in Grades 7-10 to teach them the behavioral principles and expectations.

To reinforce the importance of this program an incentive/reward program has been developed to recognize students for their positive behavior. Students will be nominated by their teachers on a monthly basis for displaying the “behavior of the month.” Monthly nominees will receive a small reward for their positive behavior.

By promoting and reinforcing positive behavior, there is less negative behavior overall from our students. Students are constantly reminded about positive behavior by their teachers as well as through posters, bracelets, pens, bulletin boards, announcements, and activities. By consistently teaching students about positive behavior, they will internalize and practice those behaviors until they are automatic.