The 11th Annual Interscholastic Reading Festival


The 11th Annual Interscholastic Reading Festival was held at the Brookville Area High School on Tuesday, November 1, 2016. This year, 12 districts and 32 teams competed in the event. The competition is broken down into two divisions: senior high (9th – 12th grades) and middle school/junior high (7th-9th grades). More than 300 readers from across the region participated in this year’s event. 

For the second consecutive year, The Crayonberries from Cranberry Area High School took home top honors in the senior high division, followed by Bobcat Bookworms of Clarion Area in 2nd place, Reading Rainbows of Brookville Area in 3rd place, and the Fiery Freshmen of Cranberry rounded out the top four. In the junior high division, DuBois Area Middle School’s Team 2 earned the champion title. Super Reading Bros. of Cranberry earned 2nd place, Tainton’s Tator Tots of Titusville took 3rd, and Pages from the Middle Ages of Brookville earned 4th place. This annual event is sponsored by Brookville PATHS and organized by the Riverview Intermediate Unit #6 Consortium of Gifted Teachers.