CHS Fall Sports

Fall sports at Cranberry will officially begin Monday, August 14th . The practice times for fall sports are as follows: Cross Country (all levels) 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM Monday and Tuesday at the high school.  Cross Country Camp will be Wednesday through Friday at Camp Coffman. Varsity boys’ golf will be at Wanango at 8:30 AM on Monday–Thursday (the first match is Friday). Varsity girls’…

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Free & Reduced Meals Program

2017-2018 Free & Reduced Lunch Program Informational Letter Free & Reduced Meals Application Who can get free or reduced price meals or Special Milk? All children in households receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) formerly Food Stamps or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits are eligible for free meals.…

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Cranberry High School students were named “Outstanding Small Delegation”


Cranberry High School students were named “Outstanding Small Delegation”  at the Pennsylvania High School United Nations Conference (PHUNC) at Penn State. They attended the conference at University Park from Nov. 10th to Nov. 13th.  Students participated in crisis committees where they worked on  international diplomacy skills. Some topics researched and debated were historical, while others were futuristic. Committees included: Blue and Gray- A Nation Divided (Civil War), Solar System Security Council, The European Council 2020, Nigeria: Restructuring A Fractured World, Antarctic Treaty 2038; UNSC 2040: Climate Change, Press Corps, and The Scramble for Africa.  Freshman, Joe Gunn was individually recognized and awarded for his work in The Scramble for Africa committee.

The 11th Annual Interscholastic Reading Festival

The 11th Annual Interscholastic Reading Festival was held at the Brookville Area High School on Tuesday, November 1, 2016. This year, 12 districts and 32 teams competed in the event. The competition is broken down into two divisions: senior high (9th – 12th grades) and middle school/junior high (7th-9th grades). More than 300 readers…

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Jr. Sr. High School Principal’s List & Honor Roll Marking Period 4

Principal’s List Grade 7 Hailey Irwin, Shirley Jiang, Hannah Niederriter, Matthew Woolcock Grade 8 Sara Allaman, Gabrielle Burris, Ava Ferringer, Jenna Reynolds, Andrea Ziegler, Kalynne Ziegler Grade 9 Madison Cornelius, Emily Duncan, Chloe Rapp Grade 10 Tamaria Flinspach, Brandon Forrest, Janice Irwin, Mikayla Walker, Samantha Woolcock, Alanna Young Grade 11…

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Parent Portal Sign In Issues NEW

Recently there has been some confusion because user names/passwords are not working when signing into the parent portal. We have found that when you do a Google search for the parent portal, several options are listed for selection.  One of the options will take you to a site that looks…

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